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October 4, 2011

Interested Parties - Read at your discretion.
Well, the story continues and now the effort for the day is expulsion. We knew it was coming. Any tactic would be taken to remove us from participation and ultimately from the tribe. But again, the tribal chair and the council should follow the bylaws. Yes Article 2, Section 2.1 gives the right for expulsion. But expulsion is not spelled out in the bylaws. That must be defined in the bylaws in order for it to be carried out. But again, the tribe can make the rules up as they go. Nothing has changed. Let's decide on the rules now so we can remove these members. No effort to communicate, no effort to help solve the problems. But a concerted effort to remove. How convenient and telling of the tribe. No effort to get our language program in place. No effort to help learn about our history or culture. There is no accountability and we will continue down the road for 40 years in the wilderness trying to find our way. It would be simple if there was a true effort to make things work. There is only the effort to dictate and remove. Silence and persecute. And use character assassination to do it. Take a look at this effort from the beginning and form your own conclusions. Too many have gone and the common denominator is ???
The conference call is tonight. And of course, those targeted have no due process. Only those who realize this is wrong have the courage to communicate to us about it. It is shameful and very disturbing knowing that people have an agenda to remove those who have the courage to speak up and ask questions, and have the responsibility to ask the tough questions. And have a duty to proclaim "FOUL" when the website is used to harass, intimidate and bargain for membership status.
There will be tougher questions to answer when the suit comes before this tribe to remedy the wrongs it has done. Time for action. Be prepared. Expulsion without due process. Libel, Slander, Defamation of Character, Removal from office without due process, malicious action against your people. We provided the paperwork and went through the same process as others to get our validation. We trusted in that validation until the committee started to change the criteria aimed at getting us out. The same changes that affect us, affect others in this effort. But we are sure, those who keep silent or willfully participate in this miscarriage of justice will not be targeted for removal. 
Political Advisor? When did we need a political advisor? We had a Legal Advisor for the last couple of years. And when did the tribe decide to have the another agency give them advice? I believe no contract was ever signed giving another company that authority and responsibility. I suppose following that advice could put them in a peculiar situation, but I'm sure a select minority worked out all the details without the council's authorization.
Cease and Desist. Again, there was no conversion of property. Take this to court if you think you have a case, and cease from continuing this assault on my character. All records, responses and no formal contract, agreement or implied contract will find me innocent of these accusations. Strong arm tactics will not prevail. If the tribal chair really wanted to make this work, he would be willing to find a mutual agreement and not use coercion to do so. I sent an agreement for review, but it was not going to be looked at until personal agreements were done first. Ask your political advisor about this? Expulsion is now the method. But it does not turn over the website. My goodness, stop this madness and invest in a site. It takes a lot less energy. But using the site only masks the real motive of taking up this issue. REMOVAL.
No one has made threats to any tribal members, elder, or others. This is a lie propagated by those who want you to believe this delusion. It's sad and very telling of the character of those who conceive something to defame others. Revenge is not ours. But it says a lot about those who want to pass down culture and history to our people. It's a culture and history that has damaged relationships and an effort that will likely fail because of the continual removal of members, families and good people. A tribe mostly composed of out-of-state members does not have a good chance of success since it's goal was to re-recognize the Apache people who came from this region. But that is something you will face as a tribe. I will be voicing this concern to whomever willing to hear how a tribe mostly comprised of out-of-state member is removing New Mexico members. I think the state legislature will be interested and so will congressional members.  Actually, the media is interested as well. This story is no longer in closed session. It will be out in the open in the court of public opinion.
For me this road has come to an end. It's a dead end, but it had to be traveled. I can see where I am and where I want to go. More years of this madness and extreme hostility is too much.  I'm not feeling too well either. Can I blame that on someone?
I know I cannot in good conscience continue down this path. It's been a very unpeaceful and confusing road. There is too much pride by leaders who are unwilling to listen to others and embrace the differences of families for the good of the tribe. I realize it's not a tribe for the people. It's not a tribe that is vested in New Mexico or its people. It's a tribe for the family of Manny Sanchez and his family. The goals are different. I had a goal of working through any difficulties for my children. But me and my children are not welcome in this effort. I would rather invest my time and effort, my energy, my skills, education and knowledge where it will be welcome and not seen as a threat. My children deserve better, so do I and so does my family. I hope those who see the fork in the road, will decide to choose another path as well.
If you are serious about making a change that will be productive, energetic, inclusive, respectful, and serious about recognition, you can email me. Things will be done to protect individual freedoms and assure sound practices in tribal government. We have so much to share and we have discovered so much valuable information going forward, but we'll reserve that for a legitimate New Mexican effort going forward. One that respects people and values independent thinking. One that honors our people and the sacrifices they made. I did not sign my life away, so I have much more freedom to pursue those interests. 
Veronica Cordova
Chiricahua Apache, Independent Voice
Owner and Site Designer of
Woman Warrior and Clever Battle Strategist

Call for Resignation

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Special Meeting Called

There has been a special meeting called by the chair, but no notice has been given to any individuals whose membership status could be affected. There is no due process. Who's next?

  • There is no provision in the Tribal Constitution and Bylaws that designate classes of members, and the designation of each class, or qualifications or rights of those classes. The power to institute such change is the General Council. All amendments to the constitution must be approved by the General Council (members) in June of each year. Is the chair using his position to advance his own personal agenda and bypassing the very bylaws that he quotes in defending his own position?
    See the NM Statutes:
    Section 53-8-11 Members
    A corporation may have one or more classes of members or may have no members. If the corporation has one or more classes of members, the designation of such class or classes, the manner of election or appointment and the qualifications and rights of the members of each class shall be set forth in the articles of incorporation or the bylaws. If the corporation has no members, that fact shall be set forth in the articles of incorporation or the bylaws. A corporation may issue certificates evidencing membership therein.

  • There is no provision in the Bylaws that deny the council's duty and responsibility to hear matters because they have not signed an Intellectual Property Agreement that has NOT been approved. The council was to look at the agreement in August but never formally approved the agreement. Is the chair using the agreement to limit full board participation to advance his own personal agenda?

  • There is no provision in the Bylaws that give the Tribal Chair the authority to independently name advisors. The Tribal Council must ratify all appointments. Is naming advisors who have expressed loyalty to the chair and/or have bias in this matter going to ensure objectivity and impartiality?

  • The chair of the tribe does not think they need the website or domain name. Why would the chair attempt to change the status of members to try to the take the website and domain by force if he felt the site and domain were not needed? Is the true motive masked behind a website and domain name? Could the chair be looking for some way to punish, control, harass, and limit participation in tribal government?

  • Emails are circulated to members voicing their concerns. Those who speak out against improper practices and actions are labeled as poor misguided, petty, trouble makers. Personal attacks are the methods used to try to discredit individuals who support this right. Please exercise caution when communicating, and if you wish to voice your own concerns, send an email to: so additional information can be posted to this site.

Questions are raised to the actions of the chair. Please demand accountability, due process and adherence to the bylaws. Please contact your tribal council representative and ask that they conduct business with integrity and due process. is an independent site. It is not owned or endorsed by any organization or group.


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